Facebow And dental Articulator Kit

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Compatible with Artex dental system;

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Type Artex Facebow and dental articulator kit

Product kit face bow and dental articulator fit Artex dental system

A dental articulator is an important piece of equipment in the dental laboratory. These dental articulators are used universally for diagnosis and cast production purposes. Dental articulators are also used to study occlusion and its related occlusal pathologies.  It is used in the manufacturing of dentures; partial, complete, or removable. Furthermore, they are also used for designing occlusal orthotic devices.

The dental face bow and articulator kit consist of four accessories that are available with the main unit. Following are the components that are offered with the kit

  • 1 piece fully adjustable dental articulator that is fully compatible with Artex CR articulator
  • 1 piece face bow dental transfer stand
  • 1 kit face bow dental row teeth plates
  • 1 kit dental face bow that is compatible with the Artex dental system

All these components are available in high-quality packaging.

At times it gets difficult to find and buy the various pieces of the dental articulator. So, we at dental laboratorio, provides a complete set of dental articulator with their components, ready to use. It is made up of stainless steel, and all its functional components are made up of aluminum. It is explicitly designed under international standard protocols. Its unique design allows the users to use it efficiently. It accelerates the process of work on the model or cast whilst also reducing work on the patient and significantly reducing patient discomfort.

We at Dental Laboratorio and provide the best quality dental laboratory equipment. No matter if you are a new dental clinic or dental laboratory.

Package details:

Dimension: 33×53×30 cm, Net Weight: 6.9 kg, Shipping weight: 11 kg.

amann girrbach articulator and facebow kit

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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 40 × 65 × 40 cm
fully adjustable dental articulator and facebow
Facebow And dental Articulator Kit