Dental Lab SOFT-LINER Tool:Solution for Optimal Denture Comfort and Fit

Achieve Precise Model Positioning!

This articulator mounting device features 360° rotation & magnetic bases for easy attachment to Artex systems.

Crafted from durable aluminum for long-lasting use in your dental lab.

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Effortless Denture Relining: Magnetic Mount, Spring Pressure Reliner

SOFT-LINER is a dental lab product designed for creating soft liners in dentures, offering enhanced comfort and fit.

Dental technicians utilize SOFT-LINER to craft soft liners for dentures, reducing irritation and improving patient comfort by optimizing denture fit.


  • Dual-spring pressure design for even application to the denture base
  • Upper and lower magnetic mounting bases compatible with the Artex system
  • Artex articulator disposable mounting plates compatible for use

Option:Semi-adjustable articulator data

Parameter Value
Product Type Dental Articulator
Adjustability Semi-Adjustable
Mounting System Artex-Compatible Magnetic
Construction Height 126 mm
Bonwill’s Triangle Side Length 110 mm
Sagittal Condylar Inclination Adjustable (-15° to +60°)
Curvature Radius of Condylar Inclination 19 mm
Bennett Angle Adjustable (0° to +20°)
Incisal Guidance Adjustable (-5 mm to +10 mm)
Incisal Guidance Table
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Soft-liner Instrument, Semi-adjustable articulator, Disposable mounting plates, Facebow, Transfer stand, Transfer plate Kit

Dental Lab Elite Advanced Denture Soft Liner for Unmatched Comfort and Precision
Dental Lab SOFT-LINER Tool:Solution for Optimal Denture Comfort and Fit
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