Articulator with Artex-Compatible Magnetic Mounting Base for Precise Occlusal Analysis and Adjustment

High-performance semi-adjustable articulator with Artex-compatible magnetic mounting base.

Achieve precise occlusal analysis and adjustment for superior dental treatment outcomes.

Customizable parameters ensure accurate replication of occlusal movements and aid in diagnosing malocclusions.

The versatile design offers stable dental cast positioning, optimizing the effectiveness of occlusal equilibration and splint therapy.

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Replicate natural maxillary motions precisely with our fully adjustable semi-custom articulator, engineered to simulate movements for accurate dental prosthetics articulation.

Our semi-adjustable articulator offers a perfect balance between flexibility and convenience, making it an ideal tool for dental professionals.

Featuring an Artex-compatible magnetic mounting base, the articulator ensures secure and stable position of dental casts, providing an optimal foundation for accurate occlusal analysis and adjustment.


Semi-adjustable articulator for precise occlusal analysis and adjustment

Parameter Range
Intercondylar Distance 11.28 cm (Fixed)
Protrusion Condylar Inclination In Maxilla 15°-60° (Arc motion)
Condylar Distraction Angle In Maxilla 0°-20°
Incisal Guidance Table 15°/35°
Incisal Guidance Pin -5 mm to +10 mm
Net Weight 0.6 kg

The articulator’s customizable parameters allow for precise replication of a patient’s occlusal movements, enabling dental professionals to tailor occlusal relationships to individual patient needs and treatment requirements. This includes eccentric occlusion, centric occlusion as well as other occlusal conditions, which can be fine-tuned for comprehensive occlusal analysis and effective treatment planning.


  1. Semi-adjustable articulator with Artex-compatible magnetic mounting base.
  2. Mimics occlusal movement relationship accurately.
  3. Allows for precise occlusal adjustment and analysis.
  4. Protrusion condylar inclination (15-60°) with arc motion, facilitating natural and comfortable forward jaw movement.
  5. Distraction inclination (0-20°), aiding in the assessment and adjustment of maxilla lateral jaw movements.
  6. Incisal guidance table (15/35°) for proper anterior teeth guidance during occlusal analysis and adjustment.
  7. Incisal guidance pin (-5 up to +10 mm) for fine-tuning the vertical position of the incisal guidance table, ensuring accurate and customized bite alignment.
  8. Lightweight design with a net weight of 0.6 kg, providing ease of use and portability.
  9. Supports easy articulator mounting and adjustment, simplifying setup and enabling efficient workflow.
  10. Helps identify and correct malocclusions and TMJ disorders, improving overall dental health and patient comfort.
  11. Offers stability and reliability for consistent performance, ensuring reliable and accurate results.

We offer our customers the opportunity to customize their purchasing options, from a single semi-adjustable articulator, to a transfer stand, and all the way up to a complete facebow and articulator kit.

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Semi-adjustable Articulator, Incisal Guide Table, Disposable Mounting Plates, Facebow, Transfer Stand, Facebow, Complete Kit

Customizable parameters for accurate replication of occlusal movements and malocclusion diagnosis
Articulator with Artex-Compatible Magnetic Mounting Base for Precise Occlusal Analysis and Adjustment
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