Artex Dental Parts – Incisal Guidance Table

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Artex Dental Parts – Incisal Guidance Table;

Fit artex dental system in 100%;

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Artex Dental Parts: Artex dental incisal guidance table

The accessories fit Artex dental system in 100%.

It is an Artex fully adjustable dental articulator CR accessory. It is necessary assistance of help for model production.

Artex dental incisal guidance table is an integral part of the dental articulator. It is widely used to maintain the incisal guidance angle. The incisal guidance table gives the incisal guidance to the articulator. It functions so that the vertical rod rests on the center of the incisal guide table during articulation. Artex dental incisal guidance possesses a fixed incisal guidance angle.

There are two situations for using an incisal guidance table.

  1. Duplicating the pre-existing anterior guidance of the patients.
  2. Formation of a new diagnostic wax-up after repeating the pre-existing anterior direction of the patient.
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Why we need Artex Articulator Parts?

Artex dental incisal guidance table is designed and configured under standard international protocols. It possesses excellent technical features and is easy to work with. Artex incisal guidance table is made up of superior quality materials using detailed designs.

Light in weight, thus easy for relocation and displacement purposes. The Expert can adjust it to various positions depending on the needs and requirements. Also, It is ergonomically stable. This Artex dental incisal guidance table is highly compatible with Artex CR articulator parts.

The incisal guidance table is the application of Artex cr articulator cases as follows. It is compatible with the Artex cr articulator.

incisal guidance plate on artex cr articulator

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Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions6 × 4 × 6 cm
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artex cr articulators incisal guidance plate
Artex Dental Parts – Incisal Guidance Table