Hinge Articulator for Precise Bite Alignment | Adjustable and Reliable

Achieve precise bite alignment with our hinge articulator.

This adjustable and reliable tool replicates natural jaw movements, allowing for accurate bite registration and seamless execution of dental procedures.

Enhance your practice with this essential tool for optimal occlusion.

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Vertical Occlusion Control Plastic Articulator

Its adjustable hinge mechanism provides precise bite registration and enables the planning and execution of different dental treatments with ideal occlusion. Plastic hinge articulators provide a stable platform for the fabrication of removable partial and complete dentures, as well as orthodontics and implant restorations.


  1. Vertical Occlusion Adjustment: The articulator features a rotating screw mechanism that allows for precise vertical occlusion height adjustment between the upper and lower jaw, ensuring optimal alignment for dental restorations.
  2. Detachable Mandible and Maxilla: With the ability to detach the mandible and maxilla parts, this articulator enables separate adjustments for each component, facilitating precise restoration work and ensuring accurate occlusion.
  3. Lightweight and Affordable: Crafted from lightweight plastic, the articulator weighs just 25g per piece, providing ease of use and portability. Additionally, its affordable price makes it an excellent choice for dental laboratories and offices.
  4. Versatile Application: The Plastic Hinge Articulator is suitable for various applications in both dental laboratories and dental offices, catering to the needs of professionals seeking precise occlusion and efficient restoration processes.


Adjustable Bite Alignment
Hinge Articulator for Precise Bite Alignment | Adjustable and Reliable