Precision Articulator for Accurate Occlusal Adjustment

Discover our precision articulator, an essential tool for accurate occlusal adjustment in dental procedures.

With adjustable incisal pins, easy occlusion inclination fixation, and a magnetic, removable model cast design, our articulator enhances precision and improves patient outcomes.

Net weight: 900g.

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Explore our advanced precision articulator designed to provide accurate occlusal adjustment for optimal dental procedures.

Our articulator offers precision occlusal adjustment and secure mounting of dental casts. It features incisal pins with a 15° guide table and adjustable height screws for efficient occlusion adjustment.

A unique mechanism fixes the occlusion inclination, and a white handle ensures stability and accuracy. The magnetic model cast feature allows for easy placement and removal, and the screw-detachable feature enables quick interchangeability of models.

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  • Adjustable Incisal Pins: Our articulator features incisal pins with a 15° guide table and adjustable height screws, allowing for precise occlusal adjustment based on individual patient needs.
  • Easy Occlusion Inclination Fixation: The articulator incorporates a white handle on the top surface, enabling effortless fixation of the occlusion inclination between the maxilla and mandibular arches, ensuring stability and accuracy during dental procedures.
  • Magnetic and Removable Model Cast Design: The model cast design of our articulator is magnetic, providing convenient placement and removal of dental casts. The screw-detachable feature allows for quick and hassle-free interchangeability of models, streamlining workflow in dental laboratories or practices.
  • Versatility for Occlusal Splints and Malocclusion Cases: This articulator is particularly beneficial for cases involving occlusal splints, as well as diagnosis and treatment planning for malocclusion. Its reliable construction and user-friendly design make it an indispensable tool for dental professionals.
  • Enhanced Precision and Patient Outcomes: With its adjustable features and secure articulator mounting, our articulator helps dental professionals achieve optimal occlusal adjustments, leading to improved treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.

These product features highlight the adjustable incisal pins, easy occlusion inclination fixation, magnetic and removable model cast design, versatility for occlusal splints and malocclusion cases, as well as the enhanced precision and patient outcomes that our articulator offers.

Enhanced precision and improved patient outcomes with our advanced articulator
Precision Articulator for Accurate Occlusal Adjustment