Advanced Adjustable Articulator for Precise Occlusal Alignment

Discover our advanced adjustable articulator designed for precise occlusal alignment.

With adjustable sagittal condylar inclination, Bennett angle, protrusion, retrusion, and more, our articulator offers customizable settings for accurate dental procedures.

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Precise Occlusal Alignment/Analysis Articulator With Artex Mounting Base

Compatible with Artex, it features sideshift, protrusion/retrusion, distraction, and Bennett angle adjustment, allowing for comprehensive evaluation and precise adjustments.

Ideal for analysis, splint manufacture, and correction, we offer a range of purchasing options and customization options for your exact needs.

Adjustable setting:

Parameter Adjustment Range
Construction Height 126 mm
Bonwill’s Triangle 110 mm
Sagittal Condylar Inclination -20° to +60°
Curvature Radius 19 mm
Bennett Angle -5° to +30°
Protrusion Adjustment 0 to 6 mm
Retrusion Adjustment 0 to 2 mm
Distraction Capability 0 to 3 mm
Immediate Sideshift (ISS) 0 to 1.5 mm
Incisal Guidance -5 mm to +10 mm
Incisal Guidance Table


  1. Construction Height: Stands at a height of 126 mm for optimal functionality and usability.
  2. Bonwill’s Triangle: Incorporates Bonwill’s triangle with a side length of 110 mm, ensuring accurate and reliable occlusal alignment.
  3. Sagittal Condylar Inclination: Offers adjustable sagittal condylar inclination ranging from -20° up to +60°, allowing for precise customization to meet individual patient needs.
  4. Curvature Radius: Features a curvature radius of the condylar inclination measuring 19 mm, enhancing stability and comfort during dental procedures.
  5. Bennett Angle Adjustability: Provides adjustable Bennett angles ranging from -5° up to +30°, ensuring precise adjustments and improved treatment outcomes.
  6. Protrusion Adjustment: Allows for adjustable protrusion from 0 up to 6 mm, enabling precise positioning and alignment of the mandible.
  7. Retrusion Adjustment: Offers adjustable retrusion from 0 up to 2 mm, facilitating accurate adjustment of the mandibular position.
  8. Distraction Capability: Provides adjustable distraction ranging from 0 up to 3 mm, allowing for controlled release of compressed mandibular joints.
  9. Immediate Sideshift (ISS): Allows for adjustable immediate sideshift of 0 up to 1.5 mm, ensuring accurate transversal clearance and occlusal adjustments.
  10. Incisal Guidance: Offers adjustable incisal guidance ranging from -5 up to +10 mm, facilitating optimal anterior tooth contact and guidance.
  11. Incisal Guidance Table: Features an incisal guidance table set at 0°, providing a reference point for accurate occlusal adjustments.

These technical specifications highlight the construction height, Bonwill’s triangle, adjustable sagittal condylar inclination, curvature radius, Bennett angle, protrusion, retrusion, distraction, immediate sideshift, incisal guidance, and incisal guidance table of the articulator.


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Fully adjustable articulator, Disposable mounting plates, Facebow, Transfer stand, Transfer plate Kit, Complete set

Advanced articulator with customizable Bennett angle and protrusion for accurate dental procedures
Advanced Adjustable Articulator for Precise Occlusal Alignment
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