Artex Facebow Transfer Plates Kit

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The kit is fully compatiable with artex dental system;

5pcs row teeth plates;

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dental facebow transfer plates kit

It is compatiable with the artex system,5pcs row teeth plates.

Working theory

Artex facebow transfer plate kit is a very necessary accessory to transfer the registration from facebow to articulator. Artex face bow transfer plate kits are available at our company. The process of the Artex face bow transfer plates is done by measuring the revolution of condyles, to find out the connection relation. The patient’s bite fork registration is transferred to the dental stand and set in plaster on the table with a magnetic base. While keeping the pre-fixed vertical measurement, a jig is made to mold after adjustment with the mandible using dental plaster. Then, left and right lateral movements are made to achieve muscular relaxation after which centric relation is recorded.  Plaster is then injected onto the occlusal surface of teeth and the patient is asked to close the jaws on the jig to obtain plaster bites. These plaster bites are then transferred onto the articulators later on.

Artex facebow transfer plates are available at our company in 5 piece row teeth plates. Designed and manufactured high-quality materials. Artex facebow transfer plates are compatible with the Artex dental system. Light in weight and available in dimensions of 6x4x4 cm.

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions6 × 4 × 4 cm
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7 reviews for Artex Facebow Transfer Plates Kit

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Artex Facebow Transfer Plates Kit