Pin-less Disposable Articulator for Dental Articulation | Versatile and Convenient

Discover the convenience and versatility of our disposable articulator for dental articulation.

Choose between single-pour pin or pin-less models, achieve precise vertical closure, and benefit from its unique base design.

Streamline your workflow and achieve accurate results with this user-friendly solution.

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Pin-less Disposable Articulator for Dental Articulation | Versatile and Convenient




The disposable articulator revolutionizes dental articulation, offering time-saving, cost-effective, and waste-reducing features. Choose between single-pour pin or pin-less models and combine both styles for upper and lower arches.

Enjoy precise vertical closure and stability with built-in features and custom vertical stops.

Effortless seating of dies and model segments, compatible with gypsums of all expansion ratios, make preparation and pouring models easy.

Enjoy accurate results with this versatile and innovative solution.

Net weight: 0.035kg


  1. Versatility: The articulator offers multiple functions, accommodating different articulation needs. It allows for single-pour pin or pin-less models, as well as the option to combine upper and lower arches.
  2. Unique base design: The base is specially designed without walls or raised edges that hinder the installation of model components. It is compatible with gypsums of various expansion ratios and features a built-in spine to prevent lateral rotation of the models.
  3. Vertical closure control: The articulator provides built-in posterior vertical stops and the option for custom vertical stops, ensuring precise control over vertical closure. This feature is particularly useful for full-arch, anterior, and partially edentulous cases.
  4. Special pin design: Designed for full-arch, anterior, and quadrant trays, the articulator’s special dowel pins prevent rotation within the base. Unlike traditional pins, they have two flat sides and a gradual taper, ensuring stability and accuracy within the articulator.
  5. User-friendly: The articulator is easy to use, with clear operating instructions. The preparation process is straightforward, and detailed instructions are provided for pouring the main and opposing models, ensuring optimal results.

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