Full Arch Bronze Articulators

Available in big, medium, and small sizes, these high-quality full arch bronze articulators offer stability and durability for occlusal articulation.

Perfect for full arch restorations, our articulators provide a secure platform for accurate analysis, diagnosis, and treatment planning.

Order now for enhanced precision in dental procedures and exceptional results with our user-friendly and easy-to-maintain articulators.

Wholesale prices: 15pcs minimum, free shipping.

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Versatile Dental Articulation Replicate Tools

Full Arch Bronze Articulators – Its special design allows dentists/technicians to replicate the vertical, lateral, and protrusion occlusal relationships of the patient’s natural bite, providing a precise and detailed reproduction of the patient’s dental structure.

This allows dentists/technicians to more diagnose and treat dental problems, while ensuring the best possible outcome for the patient.

Crafted from high-quality bronze, these articulators offer exceptional stability and precision for various dental procedures.

Featuring a full arch design for full arch restorations, three size options for user comfort.

Net weight:

  • Big size: 290g
  • Middle size:200g
  • Small size:160g


  1. Construction and Durability:
    • Crafted from robust and corrosion-resistant bronze
    • Provides longevity and consistent performance
    • Withstands regular use and frequent sterilization
  2. Size Options:
    • Choose from big, medium, or small articulator sizes
    • Each size is designed for optimal functionality and user comfort
    • Allows customization to meet individual needs
  3. 3D movement direction:
    • Offers both fixed and movable settings
    • Enables vertical, lateral, and protrusion occlusal representation
    • Versatile for prosthetic work and various dental procedures
  4. Stability and Precision:
    • Ensures minimal movement during dental procedures
    • Provides a secure platform for accurate analysis and treatment planning
    • Delivers stable and reliable results
  5. User-Friendly Design:
    • Easy to adjust, clean, and maintain
    • Suitable for both experienced professionals and dental students
    • Saves time and effort during dental articulation tasks
Additional information
Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 6 cm

Articulator-Big, Articulator-Midium, Articulator-Small

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Full Arch Bronze Articulators
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