ArchAlign Pro+: Advanced Articulator with Facebow Integration for Enhanced Precision and Efficiency

Achieve precise occlusal relationships with this advanced articulator.

With seamless integration of facebow transfer devices, this articulator ensures accurate maxillary arch data capture, allowing for precise replication of occlusal relationships on the articulator.

Semi articulator with facebow, transfer stand, complete set options here.

Streamline your dental procedures for efficient and accurate results.

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PrecisionFlex Articulator: Unlock Accuracy and Versatility in Dental Work

This semi-adjustable device seamlessly integrates with the Artex mounting base plate system to provide exceptional flexibility.

The Bennett Angle adjustment range of 0-20° enables the user to compensate for the rotation of the condyle during opening and closing movements, ensuring a more accurate representation of the patient’s jaw movement, and 35° sagittal condylar path inclination allow for protrusion or retrusion inclination adjustment on both side.

Semi-adjustable articulator key parameter:

Construction Height126 mm
Sagittal Condylar PathFixed at +35°
Curvature Radius12.5 mm
Bennett AngleAdjustable 0°-20°
Mounting BaseMagnetic, Artex compatible

With its user-friendly interface, you can easily manipulate the buckles to achieve centralized movement of the articulator for enhanced accuracy.

While optional accessories such as facebow transfer devices and transfer stands enable you to capture essential data with ease.

Features of ArchAlign Pro+ Articulator with Facebow Integration:

  1. Seamless Facebow Integration: The ArchAlign Pro+ articulator seamlessly integrates with facebow transfer devices, allowing for precise and reliable capture of maxillary arch data. Achieve accurate occlusal relationships by securely transferring the patient’s bite to the articulator.
  2. Versatile Adjustability: This articulator offers versatile adjustability, enabling precise control over the position of the maxillary plastic buckle. Easily manipulate protrusion, retrusion inclination and centralized movement for optimal customization during dental procedures.
  3. Sturdy Transfer Stand: The included transfer stand provides a stable connection between the facebow transfer device and the articulator. It ensures easy attachment and detachment to the articulator, allowing for efficient transfer of impression data while securely holding it in place.
  4. Enhanced Accuracy and Efficiency: With the ArchAlign Pro+, you can achieve exceptional accuracy in replicating the patient’s occlusal relationship on the articulator. This enhanced precision streamlines dental procedures, saving time and effort while ensuring high-quality results.

Procedure for Using Optional Facebow Transfer Devices & Transfer Stand:

1. Prepare patient

2. Select compatible facebow transfer device

3. Position facebow transfer device in patient’s mouth

4. Capture maxillary arch data

5. Secure transfer stand to articulator

6. Attach facebow transfer impression folk to transfer stand

7. Lock impression data

8. Verify accuracy of transfer

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Articulator, Facebow, Transfer Stand, Complete Set

semi articulator with raw teeth plate platform
ArchAlign Pro+: Advanced Articulator with Facebow Integration for Enhanced Precision and Efficiency
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