Dental Dust Collector For Clinic and Laboratory

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Powerful dental dust collector for clinic and laboratory;


  • Frequency:220/110V,50-60(Vhz)
  • Power:45w
  • Wind Speed:250-260m3/h
  • Speed:2200R/min
  • Wind Volume:9.5m/s
  • Noise:42db

Shipping weight 6kg.

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Dental dust collector

The dental dust collector is specially designed for the dust evacuation of dental offices and dental laboratories.

It Collects unwanted dust from dry model trimming and keeps the dental clinic environment clean and safe.

It does not produce excessive noise and keeps the working environment healthy. It is available in small dimensions and is lightweight at 5.5kg.

dental dust collector size

This dental dust collector adopts centrifugal fans making working conditions noiseless and wide power stable.
When operating this equipment, a dentist or technician can protect his eyes, as the equipment is assembled with Qingyakeli +24V built-in LED soft light band. The control switch design is split with a red and green color button.


The dental dust collector manufactures with corrosion-resistant aluminum


Dust collectors filter air and keep the clinical environment healthy and dust-free.

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Additional information
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 40 cm
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5 reviews for Dental Dust Collector For Clinic and Laboratory

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    I have been using this website since last 1 year it has been good, this product is also good to buy

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    Product is good ..Go for it.

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    Good as expected👌

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    Very good website for dentist. Quick delivery to all places nice Customer service . All dental products availabe at low price

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Dental Dust Collector
Dental Dust Collector For Clinic and Laboratory