Intraoral Scanner | Fast, Accurate Digital Dental Impressions

Experience fast, accurate, powder-free intraoral scanning.

The dual camera AI algorithm enables precision digital impressions for implants, orthodontics, crowns, bridges, and more.

3D dental intraoral scanner integrates with CAD/CAM workflows.

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3D Intraoral Scanner for Digital Impressions

The intraoral scanner is designed to integrate seamlessly into your dental workflow, providing fast, accurate, and comfortable digital impressions.

Key Features:

  • Open system connects to various CAD/CAM workflows via exportable STL files for easy collaboration and file sharing
  • Dual high-speed camera scanning with AI algorithm enables fast, efficient scanning
  • Powder-free scanning in most routine cases for an easy, seamless patient experience

With the 3D intraoral scanner, digital impression taking is simple. The compact wand size allows easy positioning in the mouth. The AI-powered scanning software and dual cameras capture precise details quickly, even without powder in many cases. The open system exports standard STL files to integrate with various CAD/CAM and lab workflows.


Specification Details
Dimensions 102 x 42 x 34.8 mm
Weight 280g
Scanning Area 17.4 x 16.5 mm
Light Source LED
Capture Rate 25 frames per second
Scanning Depth 0-15 mm
Power Supply 220Vac/50Hz
Interface USB 3.0
File Export STL, OBJ
Accuracy – X axis: 17.7 μm ± 0.33

– Y axis: 6.2 μm ± 0.57

– Z axis: 20.5 μm ± 1.38

Certifications CE, FDA


  • Improved patient experience with powder-free scanning
  • Faster scans with dual-camera AI algorithm
  • Seamless collaboration through open system file exports
  • Optimized workflows with integration across departments


  • Digital impression taking for a variety of procedures
  • Scanning for crown and bridge work, implants, orthodontics, and more
  • Integration with CAD/CAM milling and 3D printing
  • Collaboration with labs and other departments

intraoral scanner replace paste for taking dental impressions
Intraoral Scanner | Fast, Accurate Digital Dental Impressions