Physics Forceps Dental Kit

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Physics Forceps dental kit

The Physics Forceps are a unique type of extraction system that provides:

  • Predictable and efficient extractions in less than four minutes
  • Atraumatic extractions where you preserve the bone
  • Elimination of root tip fractures
  • No need for elevating or laying a flap
  • Very little operator movement (or strength) necessary

The design of the Physics Forceps allows for light but constant pressure to be applied to the tooth which leads  release of the Sharpey’s fibers. Once the tooth releases, it can be removed simply with a rongeur or even just your fingers.

Utilizing the patented “beak and bumper” technique, you can simply and predictably extract virtually any tooth in any condition, while preserving the buccal bone and socket.

The beak of the Physics Forceps is designed to apply controlled pressure parallel to the long axis of the root. The bumper acts as a simple fulcrum or pivot point. While traditional instruments grasp, squeeze and twist, the Physics Forceps employs a slow, steady force that releases the tooth from the alveolar bone.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 6 × 10 × 4 cm
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3 reviews for Physics Forceps Dental Kit

  1. Ángeles Iglesias (verified owner)

    Prix abordable avec une qualité de construction solide

  2. Karin Fjodorova (verified owner)

    Genuine product…fastest delivery than other dental shopping website…Happy with the service…ordering 3rd time in 3 months..Price is less compartively!👍

  3. Birgit (verified owner)

    Good product

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Physics Forceps Dental Kit