Endo Opener Kit

Our Endo Opener features a tapered tip to gently open the canal orifice for better access.

Designed for coronal enlargement, it improves visibility and maneuverability for subsequent root canal instruments.

Use under microscope.

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Endo Opener | Canal Access Instrument for Improved Visibility

An Endo Opener may be designed to aid in accessing the root canal system by creating a pathway for other instruments.

It could have a tapered or specialized tip to gently open the orifice of the canal, allowing for improved visibility and maneuverability.

This instrument may be utilized for coronal enlargement, meaning it assists in widening the upper part of the root canal near the tooth’s crown.

Coronal enlargement facilitates better access for subsequent instruments and enhances the overall efficiency of the root canal procedure.

Suitable for use under microscope.

Packing: single unit per pack.

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04 taper 10# purple, 04 taper 15# siliver, 06 taper 10# purple

Endodontic instruments for opening calcified canals
Endo Opener Kit
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