Endo Derbies Removal Instrument

Our endodontic debrider features specialized tips to efficiently remove pulp, dentin, and debris from root canals.

Designed for microscope use and thorough cleaning to prevent infection.

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Endo Derbies | Effective Canal Debridement for Root Procedures

An endodontic debrider is a tool used in root canal procedures to remove debris and tissue from the root canal system.

The debrider is typically designed with specialized tips or blades that facilitate the removal of pulp tissue, dentin, and other debris from the canal walls.

The debrider is equipped with specialized tips or blades designed to efficiently cut and remove pulp tissue

This helps in achieving a thorough cleaning, an essential step in preventing or treating infection and promoting successful root canal outcomes.

Packing: single unit per pack.

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02 taper 20# yellow, 02 taper 30# blue

endodontic debrider kit
Endo Derbies Removal Instrument
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