Dental Root Canal Measuring and Treatment Unit

Discover precision in dental care with our dental root canal measuring and treatment unit.

Achieve accurate measurements and seamless treatments.

Key features:

Adaptive Torque Control(ATC) Mode allows setting on customization rotation speed and torque

Battery Capacity:1500mAh


Speed Range:120-1000rpm

Handpiece:Mini 1:1 Contra-angle

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Meet our Dental Endo Motor, your trusted partner for endodontic excellence

This advanced kit combines precision with user-friendly features, enhancing your practice in every way.

Make precise endodontic procedures a breeze with our dndo motor and apex locator combination. The LCD screen displays real-time torque data, ensuring safe operation.

Key features of the Endo Motor + Apex Locator integration:

  • Auto Start & Stop: The motor activates upon file insertion and halts when withdrawn.
  • Apical Reverse: Customizable settings allow the file to reverse direction at the apical point.
  • Apical Slow Down: Motor speed decreases in the apical region, safeguarding the tooth structure.

Adaptable Reciprocation: With both forward and reverse reciprocation modes, it accommodates various file types and techniques.

10 adptative torque control customization working modes

Customized Precision: Choose from five reciprocation modes (M0), it includes four modes for continuous files and one for reciprocating files offer flexibility, and enjoy a one-piece, autoclavable contra angle for hassle-free hygiene.

5 smart reciprocating modes

  • Fwd 150°-Rev 30° for continuous rotation files
  • Fwd 180°-Rev 30° for continuous rotation files
  • Fwd 210°-Rev 30° for continuous rotation files
  • Fwd 250°-Rev 30° for continuous rotation files
  • Fwd 30°-Rev 150° for reciprocating files

Total Control: The 360° adjustable contra angle simplifies access to challenging angles.

The motor reaches speeds of up to 1000 RPM, includes torque auto-reverse for safety, and allows customizable speed and torque settings.

Smart Features: Benefit from torque calibration, a digital OLED display, quiet operation, and a potent lithium battery for uninterrupted performance.

Seamless Integration: Explore integration options for expanded functionality and screen casting/mirroring.

Technical info

Precision endodontic motor with apical reverse feature

Continuous ModeYes
Auto Torque ReverseYes (Torque Auto-Reverse for safety)
360° Adjustable HeadYes
Torque CalibrationYes
Digital OLED ScreenYes
Low Noise MotorYes
Ambidextrous DisplayYes (Screen can be rotated left or right)
Reciprocation Modes (M0)5 built-in modes
Adaptive Torque Control Modes (M1-M9)10 Memory Programs for rotation speed and torque
Battery Capacity1500mAh
Rotational Speed Range120-1000rpm
HandpieceMini 1:1 Contra-angle

Elevate your endodontic practice with our root canal measuring and treatment unit—your personalized tool for precision and convenience.

root canal handpiece with apex locator connection
Dental Root Canal Measuring and Treatment Unit