Z-Safe Rotary File

Z-Safe Rotary File – Innovative Endodontic File for Safer, More Effective Root Canal Treatment.

Z-File’s unique rectangular cutting block design reduces screw-in effect and safely removes debris during shaping.

Variable taper file adapts as it moves, minimizing contact with the canal.

The future of endodontic files for dentists.

Package: 6pcs per pack, length 25mm.

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Rectangular Cross Section Design Debris Removing Endo File Systems

Z-File is a new tool for dentists working on root canals.

It’s designed to be safer and more effective. The special part about it is the way it’s shaped – it changes shape as it moves, which makes it safer to use because it doesn’t touch the tooth too much.

This helps avoid a common problem called the screw-in effect.

The Z-File has a rectangular cutting block, which is like the part that does the cutting. This design makes it safer and better at getting rid of little pieces during the procedure.

General Info

Specification Details
Design Rectangular cutting block design
Length options – Standard: 25mm

– Customization available: 21mm, 31mm

Color options -S1, Purple: Taper 02, Size 16#, Speed 400rpm, Torque 4-5.2 N.cm

-S2, White: Taper 04, Size 20#, Speed 400rpm, Torque 4-5.2 N.cm

-F1, Yellow: Taper 07, Size 20#, Speed 400rpm, Torque 4-5.2 N.cm

-F2, Red: Taper 08, Size 25#, Speed 400rpm, Torque 4-5.2 N.cm

-F3, Blue: Taper 09, Size 30#, Speed 400rpm, Torque 4-5.2 N.cm

-SX, Non-coded: Taper 07, Size 20#, Speed 400rpm, Torque 4-5.2 N.cm

Packing 6pcs per pack
Certification CE, FDA
Additional information

Purple, White, Yellow, Red, Blue, SX 19mm length, Assorted 6pcs

rectangular cross section nickel titanium files
Z-Safe Rotary File
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