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U Files endodontic dental wholesale prices online;

Size:#15 #20 #25 #30 #35 #40 ,#15-40;

Length:33mm, Package:6 pcs/Pack;

10 pack minimum, free shipping.

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U Files endo dental

U files are special rotary files used with the stainless-steel shank in the root canal shaping.

It enlarges the root canal with its efficient reciprocating movement.

U files produce vertical reciprocating movement or lifting movement to enlarge the root canal.

The files have excellent cutting ability and with counterclockwise flues movement.


U files are manufactured with both stainless steel and NiTi.


U files are very effective for cleaning or cutting root canals.

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#15, #20, #25, #30, #35, #40, #15-40

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7 reviews for U Files

  1. Mario Božić (verified owner)

    Nice app gor all instruments with reasonable price.. Also delivery with in 10 days thts good for urgency. Also its have separate criteria for endo instruments..thats cool actually we don’t have to search separately.. Thank you Dental Laboratorio you deserve 10 star

  2. Evelyn Lewis (verified owner)

    I also love that I can find all of our product listings on one website, instead of having to search for them on various different websites.

  3. Raghu Brodie (verified owner)

    It’s also perfect for my budget and has good packaging too!

  4. Luis Herrera (verified owner)

    Even the delivery was fast and didn’t got any delays & also no damages …. Happy to purchase again …….!

  5. Ryder (verified owner)

    Dental Laboratorio has been in this field for a quite a long time now. Genuine products at a reasonable price. As far as post sales services are concerned,in my personal opinion it has been outstanding. Amazing effort by the dental laboratorio!

  6. Ole Lindberg (verified owner)

    Ok, Not bad.. I expected Little smaller one.👍

  7. Svetlana Kangur (verified owner)

    You can find almost all dental materials ,equipment,consumable and non consumable items..

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U Files
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