Root Canal Filling System

Revolutionary root canal filling system – Achieve perfect seals and reduce reinfection with our ergonomic wireless obturation system.

Get precision extrusion control, adjustable temperatures, and auto-cleaning in a durable, lightweight device.

Elevate your endodontic practice with our root canal obturation system, providing the confidence and precision needed for every root canal procedure.

Give your patients the best care with a perfect seal.

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Dental Canal Sealer Filling System

This meticulously crafted system ensures precise and efficient obturation, guaranteeing lasting success.

Precision and user-friendliness unite in this ergonomic design, making it accessible for practitioners of all levels.

Achieve consistently exceptional seals, reducing the risk of reinfection whether using warm or cold obturation techniques.

Versatility is at your fingertips, offering multiple obturation methods to suit each case. The root canal filling system allows users to save three customized temperature and extrusion settings into memory presets T1, T2, and T3 for quick recall during procedures.

Our system is built to last, with high-quality materials ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.


root canal filling system features

  1. Advanced Temperature Control
    • Ready at 200°C in just 20 secs
    • Adjustable range from 100-200°C
    • LCD display for monitoring
  2. Precise Extrusion
    • 3 extrusion speed settings
    • 360° handpiece rotation
    • 25Ga and 23Ga silver needle options
  3. Efficient Battery
    • 2600mAh lithium battery
    • 4 hour charging time
    • Lightweight wireless design
  4. Enhanced Functionality
    • Auto-cleaning feature
    • Pre-bendable needle options
    • Ergonomic design for easy use

Technical info

Parameter Specification
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Battery Life Up to 4 hours of continuous use
Charging Time 4 hours for full charge
Heating Speed Ready in 20 seconds
Temperature Range Adjustable from 100°C to 200°C
Temperature Display Backlit LCD screen
Extrusion Control 3 speed settings for optimal flow
Handpiece Maneuverability Rotates 360° for easy access
Cleaning Auto-cleaning feature
Needle Sizes 23 and 25 gauges
Needle Material Corrosion-resistant silver alloy
Needle Flexibility Pre-curved needle tips available
Weight Lightweight at 1 lb
Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
Warranty 1 year manufacturer warranty
Maintenance Instructions:

Pre-Bending Needles:

  1. Use a hex wrench to pre-bend the silver needles to your desired angle.

Cleaning Needles:

To clean the needles, carefully follow these steps:

a. Reverse-twist the hot needle off the handpiece.

b. Utilize forceps to remove any residual gutta percha from the needle.

Cleaning Handpiece:

For cleaning the handpiece, perform the following steps:

a. Use forceps to remove any overflow gutta percha that may have accumulated around the handpiece opening.

b. Unscrew the cleaning nut with a hot handle and hex wrench.

c. Thoroughly clear any residual gutta percha inside the handpiece, ensuring it is free from obstructions.

Regular maintenance ensures the longevity and optimal performance of your root canal obturation system.

Root canal filling system
Root Canal Filling System