ProBlend Investment Materials Mixer with Negative Pressure Technology

Experience superior investment material blending with ProBlend precision negative pressure dental mixer.

Discover advanced investment materials mixer with negative pressure technology for precision and efficiency.

Achieve consistent results and streamline your dental lab workflow.

Shipping weight 17Kg, DHL/FedEx delivery.

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Achieve Consistent Results with ProBlend Investment Materials Mixer

Elevate your dental laboratory processes with our precision dental vacuum mixer for investment materials, a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the meticulous blending demands of investment materials.

What sets this mixer apart is its innovative utilization of negative pressure technology, revolutionizing the way you handle material consistency.

Key Features:

  • Negative Pressure Technology: Unlike conventional methods, our mixer harnesses the power of external air compression to create negative pressure. This unique approach ensures optimal material blending and eliminates the need for internal vacuum pumps.


Product NameProBlend Dental Mixer
TechnologyNegative Pressure
VoltageAC220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz
Vacuum Pressure≤ 0.07MPa
Bowl Capacity500ml
Mixing TimeAdjustable Setting
Gross Weight16kg
Method of InstallationTable Type, Air Compressor
Key FeatureExternal Negative Pressure

Streamlined Installation:

Experience hassle-free integration as our dental investment materials mixer seamlessly pairs with your existing air compressor setup. Unpacking is effortless, and with a straightforward power connection, you’re ready to optimize your workflow.

Effortless Operation:

  1. Begin by checking the air compressor, ensuring it aligns with the designated line.
  2. Connect the compressor’s air tube connection to the mixing machine.
  3. Plug in the machine to initiate its operation.
  4. Achieve a consistent, pasty state by stirring the material within the vacuum bowl.
  5. Secure the air outlet bolt and initiate the machine, setting your desired mixing time.
  6. Activate the vacuum negtive pressure function, connect the vacuum bowl, and press mixing.
  7. Once mixing is complete, power off the machine.
Additional information
Weight18 kg
Dimensions36 × 34 × 60 cm

110V 50Hz, 220V 50Hz

ProBlend Investment Materials Mixer with Negative Pressure Technology
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