Dental Model Refiner, Precision Refinement, Wet or Dry Sculpt Perfection

The dental model refiner perfects gypsum models with adjustable 0-20° angles, 750W motor and dual-action diamond disc enabling flawless wet/dry operation.

Integrated dust collection keeps workspaces clean.

Shipping weight: 27Kg, DHL/FedEx delivery.

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Model Shaping & Contouring with Wet or Dry Dual Action

Meet the Dental Model Refiner – the precision instrument engineered to perfect dental models.

This professional-grade refiner elevates gypsum model finishing with its 750W motor and adjustable 0-20° angles for unmatched control.

The dual-action diamond disc permits seamless wet and dry operation, empowering flawless contouring and shaping.

Integrated dust collection keeps the workspace clean when a dust collector is connected to the device.

Designed for longevity with rust-proof aluminum casing and backed by a 3-year warranty.

Bring your dental models to new levels of perfection with the dental model refiner – where artistry meets innovation.

Elevate your laboratory workflows and achieve model refinement unlike ever before, with results you’ll be proud to deliver to your clients.

Complete set: model refiner + 1pcs diamond disc (Overall diameter 250mm, inner hole diamater 32mm)


ParameterDental Model Refiner
VoltageAC 220V, 50Hz / AC 110V, 60Hz
Disc TypeDual-action sintered diamond
Wet/Dry OperationYes
Adjustable Angle0-20°
Dust CollectionIntegrated connector
Air Pressure0.5-2Kg/cm2
Rotation Speed2800r/min
Dimensions38 x 46 x 56 cm
Weight27 kg
Warranty3 years


  1. Precise Trimming: Customize angles from 0-20° for unparalleled accuracy in dental model shaping and contouring.
  2. Versatile Disc: Equipped with a full sintered diamond disc, effortlessly switch between wet and dry trimming techniques.
  3. Robust Performance: Powered by a 750w motor, ensuring consistent, reliable operation.
  4. Built to Last: Constructed from rust-proof all-cast aluminum, backed by a 3-year warranty and CE certification, promising longevity.
  5. Clean Workspace: Integrated dust collecting connector maintains a clean environment during dry trimming, enhancing efficiency.
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110V 60Hz, 220V 50Hz, 2Pcs diamond disc

Efficient Dust Collection Dental Model Trimmer for Clean Workspace and Quality Results
Dental Model Refiner, Precision Refinement, Wet or Dry Sculpt Perfection
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