Dental Pressure Polymerizer

This dental pressure polymerizer is a must-have for any dental lab.

It applies precise heat and pressure to process and cure dental materials, such as denture bases, nightguards, whitening trays, and more.

Its temperature, pressure, weight, and size specifications (55°C, 4.5KG/cm2, 3KG, 15*13*23cm) ensure dense and void-free end products.

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The essential pressure polymerizer applies heat and pressure to process and cure flawless dentures, guards, and appliances.

The dental pressure polymerizer is an important piece of equipment in the dental lab. It is used to process and cure a variety of dental materials under heat and pressure.

Common uses include polymerizing denture bases, nightguards, whitening trays, and other custom dental appliances. The pressure allows excess monomer to be forced out of the materials for a dense, void-free end product.

Correct pressure settings and cure times must be used based on the specific material being processed.



Operation procedures:

  1. Fill chamber with distilled water just below the top of the metal basket. Water temperature should be 55°C around.
  2. Place dental appliance or material in metal basket and lower into water.
  3. Position lid on top and turn handle clockwise to lock in place. Continue turning handle to build pressure up to the recommended PSI for the material being processed.
  4. When processing time is complete, turn handle counterclockwise slowly to release pressure.
  5. When all pressure is released, remove lid and retrieve processed dental appliance or material from basket.
  6. Drain water from chamber after each use and refill with fresh distilled water for next use.
Additional information
Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions16 × 14 × 25 cm
polymerizer for lab dentures and night guards
Dental Pressure Polymerizer