Dental Model Sectioning Machine

The ProLab dental model sectioning machine is the ideal electric saw for separating plaster models in dental labs.

With integrated dust extraction, tiltable model platform, laser pin guidance for accuracy, and a diamond blade, this high-powered unit segments casts with precision.

Segment plaster models in seconds. Our advanced sectioning machine makes dividing plaster casts simple and mess-free.

Dimension: 290 x 420 x 300mm, shipping weight: 26Kg.

DHL/FedEx delivery.

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Cut dental models with ease. The ProLab Model Sectioning Machine is the ultimate electric saw for busy dental labs.

The ideal electric separating unit for accurately and efficiently cutting and dividing dental plaster models in dental laboratories.

This high-powered electric saw features integrated dust extraction to keep workspaces clean while segmenting plaster models.

Complete set: Sectioning machine + 2pcs diamond cutting disc.

Key Features:

  • Powerful 1,000W motor with diamond-edged blade
  • Tiltable model platform with laser positioning guide
  • Fully enclosed housing contains dust
  • Integrated vacuum system extracts debris
  • Automatic operation for hands-free cutting
  • Durable metal construction and 1 year warranty

Instructions for Use:

  1. Install saw blade on motor spindle using included wrench
  2. Insert power cord into jack, connect to outlet
  3. Attach dust collection box on rear of machine
  4. Turn on power switch, blade will rotate
  5. Adjust dust suction with right knob as needed
  6. Place model on platform, align to laser guide
  7. Press model/platform together and lower to cut
  8. Empty dust box periodically by removing and cleaning

Our advanced Dental Model Sectioning Machine allows technicians to efficiently and neatly cut models. The high-powered electric saw produces clean, accurate segments with minimal plaster dust. It’s the ideal separating unit for dividing plaster models in dental labs.

Product technical

Specification Description
Power Supply 220V,50Hz/110V,60Hz 1000W
Motor Direct drive, high torque
Blade Diamond-edged, 90x16x0.28cm
Cutting Depth 0-35mm
Platform Size 140 x 185mm
Machine Dimensions 290 x 420 x 300mm
Machine Weight 25kg
Noise Level <70dB
Dust Box Capacity 3L
Features – Laser positioning guide

– Tiltable model platform

– Enclosed cutting housing

– Integrated dust extraction

– Durable metal construction

– 1 year warranty

Additional information
Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 30 × 45 × 32 cm

110V 60Hz, 220V 50Hz

Dental plaster separator
Dental Model Sectioning Machine
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