Sagittal and Transverse Programming Articulator Adjustment

Dynamic adjustable programming articulator precisely simulates patient jaw movements with customizable condylar/incisal guidance,bennett angle range.

Durable engineering provides accurate articulation for designing dental restorations.

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PRO+ Semi-adjustable programming articulator for reproducing jaw movements and occlusal relationships

The articulator enables in-depth programming and simulation of each patient’s unique articulation parameters.

Fully adjustable condylar guidance and Bennett angle settings allow the articulation to precisely match sagittal and transverse records captured for each patient. Centric and eccentric relations can be accurately replicated for analysis of static and dynamic occlusal contacts.

Mounting maxillary and mandibular casts is simplified with the pre-angled facebow transfer and versatile mounting bases which are compatible with Artex articulation systems. The articulator’s condylar and incisal guidance controls allow fine-tuning of the articulation’s movements and occlusion.

Ideal for examining bite conditions, designing dental restorations, and adjusting occlusal schemes, this customizable semi-adjustable articulator promotes highly accurate treatment plans.


Intercondylar Distance110mm
Maxilla-Mandible Height126mm
Sagittal Inclination Range-15° to +60°
Condylar Curvature Radius19mm
Bennett Angle Range0° to +30°
Incisal Guidance Pin Vertical-5mm to +10mm
Incisal Guidance Table Horizontal
Mounting BasesLadder or Round
CompatibilityArtex System


Precise Simulation

  • Fully adjustable condylar and incisal guidance
  • Accurately replicates patient’s jaw movements
  • Matches sagittal and lateral records precisely
  • Models centric and eccentric occlusal contacts

Simplified Procedures

  • Pre-angled facebow for quick cast mounting
  • Versatile mounting bases fit Artex systems
  • Provides stable platform for mounted casts
  • Optimized for error-free articulation work

Robust Engineering

  • Durable metal components built to last
  • Parts engineered for articulation accuracy
  • Withstands repeated use in dental lab
  • Promotes precision and longevity

Restorative Flexibility

  • Analyze static and dynamic bites
  • Design natural-looking restorations
  • Adjust occlusal schemes with finesse
  • Treatment plan with customizable articulation
Additional information

Ladder-shaped base, Round-shaped base, Disposable Ladder-shaped plates, Disposable Round-shaped plates

round mounting cast articulator artex compatible
Sagittal and Transverse Programming Articulator Adjustment
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