Mobile Suction Unit/Saliva Ejector System

Discover the mobile suction unit/saliva ejector system, a reliable and efficient dental tool designed for intraoral procedures.

With its ergonomic design, powerful suction capabilities, UV disinfection system, and convenient operation features, this system ensures a clean and comfortable environment for both patients and dental professionals.

Dimension:67x44x92cm, Net weight:46Kg.

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Mobile Suction and Saliva Ejector System, A Reliable and User-friendly Tool For Dental Professionals

The mobile suction unit/saliva ejector system is a must-have device for dental professionals looking to provide optimal suction during intraoral dental procedures.

This unit is conveniently located next to the dental chair for easy access and features a cabinet designed with ergonomic considerations, such as noise reduction and comfort. The unit is operated with a touch control panel and a foot pedal, allowing the dental professional to adjust the suction settings with ease.


  • The system is equipped with a large capacity waste water tank with a one-touch button for easy discharge;
  • A built-in UV disinfection system that eliminates harmful microorganisms for a safe and sterile environment;
  • Additional components include two sets of negative pressure suction systems for effective removal of saliva, blood, and debris;
  • A computer-controlled water supply system for consistent and controlled water supply;
  • A rotating spittoon for patient comfort;
  • A hot water system for specific dental procedures.


  • Input Voltage: 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
  • Power: 0.42KW
  • Maximum Negative Pressure: -11KPa
  • Noise Level: 55DB
  • Dimensions: 67x44x92cm
  • Net Weight: 46Kg


  1. Efficient Suction: Provides the necessary suction during intraoral dental procedures.
  2. Convenient Placement: Designed to be located next to the dental chair for easy access.
  3. Ergonomic Cabinet Design: Maximizes comfort and minimizes acoustic disturbances and noise levels.
  4. Touch Control Panel and Foot Pedal: Allows for convenient operation and suction adjustment.
  5. Large Capacity Waste Water Tank: Features a 30-liter storage tank for efficient waste collection.
  6. One-Touch Waste Water Discharge: Simplifies the cleaning process with easy disposal.
  7. Built-in UV Disinfection System: Ensures a safe and sterile environment with effective germ elimination.
  8. Two Sets of Negative Pressure Suction Systems: Provides powerful suction for saliva, blood, and debris removal.
  9. One Set of Computer-Controlled Water Supply System: Ensures consistent and controlled water supply for various dental applications.
  10. One Set of Rotating Spittoon: Allows flexible positioning for patient comfort and convenience.
  11. One Set of Hot Water System: Provides warm water for specific dental procedures.
  12. Dual Voltage Compatibility: Supports both 220V/50Hz and 110V/60Hz input voltages.
  13. Low Power Consumption: Operates with a power of 0.42KW.
  14. Maximum Negative Pressure of -11KPa: Offers strong suction capabilities.
  15. Low Noise Level: Operates at a noise level of 55DB.
  16. Compact Dimensions: Measures 67x44x92cm for space-saving placement.
  17. Lightweight: Weighs 46Kg for easy maneuverability and transportation.
Additional information
Weight 52 kg
Dimensions 53 × 48 × 100 cm
Portable Dental Vacuum Suction
Mobile Suction Unit/Saliva Ejector System