Starlight Dry Dental Plaster Trimmer: Precise & Efficient Model Trimming

Experience the mess-free advantage of dry trimming with the Starlight Dry Dental Plaster Trimmer.

Achieve precise results with high-speed rotation and strong suction connected port available, all while minimizing model distortion and equipment corrosion.

This space-saving trimmer features a built-in dust collection drawer and comes with 50 replacement discs for smooth operation.

Upgrade your lab workflow today!

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Starlight Dry Plaster Trimmer: Advanced High-Speed Trimming with Built-in Dust Collection Drawer

It is an advanced dry plaster trimmer that shapes dental models precisely and efficiently. Unlike wet trimmers, it eliminates the need for drying time, reduces the risk of model distortion, and minimizes equipment corrosion.

It has a built-in dust collection drawer and a port for connection to a vacuum cleaner, which helps to keep the workspace clean.

Our related option includes a portable brushless dust collector. This versatile tool can be used by technicians not only in its portable capacity, but also as a desktop dust collector while working on various projects. This feature enhances its convenience and functionality.


Motor Speed 2600 RPM
Power Input 110-220V, 50-60Hz
Wattage 120W
Dimensions 260x320x250mm
Weight 7.0 kg


  • Precise Trimming: High speed rotation up to 1800 RPM, strong vacuum suction for stability
  • Efficiency: No drying time required, lower model distortion risk, less equipment corrosion
  • Convenient Workflow: Compact size, quiet operation, built-in dust collection drawer
  • Smooth Operation: 50 replacement discs included, easily changeable discs, dedicated dust collection port


Feature Description
Trimming Method Dry Trimming
Motor Power 1100W
Motor Type Brushless
Voltage Compatibility 110V & 220V
Dimensions (L x W x H) 280 x 260 x 460 cm
Net Weight 16Kg
Trimming Disc Diameter 20cm
Replacement Discs Included 50 pcs
Dust Collection Built-in Drawer & Dedicated Port
Vacuum Suction Connectable to Adjustable Dust Collector (not included)
Speed Control Fixed at 1800 RPM
Noise Level Low
Maintenance Low
Directional Rotation Forward & Reverse Controls Options
Dust Collector Size Flange 98mm & 50mm (each 1 pc)


  1. What are the benefits of using a dry trimmer compared to a wet trimmer?
  • Eliminates drying time: Dry trimmers allow you to work on models immediately after trimming, saving valuable time.
  • Reduces model distortion: Wet trimming can cause warping of the model due to moisture absorption. Dry trimming minimizes this risk.
  • Lowers equipment corrosion: Water exposure can lead to rust and damage to wet trimmers. Dry trimmers eliminate this concern.
  1. How does the dust collection system work?
  • The Starlight Trimmer features a built-in dust collection drawer that captures debris during trimming.
  • It also has a dedicated port for connection to a separate adjustable dust collector (not included).
  • This dual system ensures a clean work environment and improves air quality in your lab.
  1. What maintenance is required for the dry trimmer?
  • The Starlight Trimmer is designed for low maintenance.
  • The easily replaceable discs and smooth operation minimize wear and tear.
  • Simply empty the dust collection drawer regularly and keep the unit clean for optimal performance.
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Dry trimmer, 200pcs abrasive discs, Portable Dust collector Brushless

Efficient & Quiet Dental Plaster Trimmer No Drying Time, Low Noise, and Dust Collection Drawer
Starlight Dry Dental Plaster Trimmer: Precise & Efficient Model Trimming
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