Silent Dental Lab Water Filter Dust Collector | Heavy-Duty Wet/Dry Vacuum for Dental Labs

With 1500W industrial suction power, 30L capacity, versatile filtration and low noise, this corrosion-resistant dental lab vacuum efficiently collects debris to maintain clean work areas.

Protect your equipment investments and breathe easier with the silent dental lab water filter dust collector, engineered to efficiently trap harmful dust and debris.

Shipping weight: 54Kg, separated two parts.

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Heavy Duty Dust Collector Vacuum for Dental Laboratories-Wet/Dry Options

The Silent Dental Lab Water Filter Dust Collector is an industrial-strength wet/dry vac designed to efficiently collect debris and protect equipment in demanding dental laboratory environments. With versatile filtration modes and a corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing, this heavy-duty model provides the suction power and capacity dental labs need to maintain clean work areas and machinery on a daily basis.

The large 30L capacity and quiet <60dB operation allow for extended vacuum sessions without disruption.


  • Water filtration system isolates debris and prevents recontamination
  • Powerful 1500W motor provides strong suction for effortless dust collection
  • Brushless motor for long service life
  • Switch between dry and wet modes for versatile cleaning
  • Large 30L capacity requires less frequent emptying
  • Stainless steel housing is durable and corrosion resistant
  • 4-stage filtration allows main unit to be used as standalone dry vac
  • Wet and dry modes can be combined as needed for different cleaning jobs


Specification Value
Main Unit Dimensions 55cm x 50cm x 77cm
Water Filter Dimensions Ø33cm x 49cm height
Rated Power 1500W
Airflow 240m3/h
Air Pressure 27Kpa
Suction Pressure 24Kpa
Noise <60dB
Hose Diameter 40mm
Weight 52Kg

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Silent Dental Lab Water Filter Dust Collector | Heavy-Duty Wet/Dry Vacuum for Dental Labs