Air Pressure Curing Unit

Upgrade your dental practice with our air pressure curing unit and deliver high-quality, long-lasting dental appliances for your patients.

With separate control gauges for temperature and pressure, you can achieve precise adjustments and ensure accurate readings, resulting in optimal curing outcomes.

Shipping weight 16 kg.

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Dental Lab Acrylic Denture Pressure Pot

The pneumatic polymerizing pot is specifically designed for dental technicians to cure acrylics used in dental appliances that require heat and pressure. With pressure curing, you can achieve long-lasting stable color and eliminate porosity, resulting in high-quality dental appliances for your patients.


Voltage 220V/50Hz
Power 500W
Fuse 3A
Max Air source pressure 0.35Mpa
Dimensions 23*26*43cm
Pot size diameter 23CM, height 17CM
Net weight 13KG


  • Separate control of temperature and pressure

Our pressure pots come equipped with separate control gauges for temperature and pressure, allowing for precise adjustments and accurate readings. The pneumatic pressure feature, along with a heat-control thermostat and an internal temperature gauge, ensure the pot’s internal temperature is consistent and maintained throughout the curing process.

Operation procedure

To operate the air pressure curing unit, simply fill the pot with water and plug in the machine to set up the temperature. The heating-up indicator light will notify you when the machine is ready. You can set the temperature at over 100℃ to reach a high-pressure state by getting enough water vapor.

Alternatively, you can connect the machine to an air compressor to reach a high-pressure state. To do this, open the valve on the pot cover and insert the air tube into the quick connect. Increase the pressure slowly to the desired value and then close the valve.

It’s essential to note that the pot cover can only be opened after the air pressure is the same as the outside air pressure. This safety feature ensures that there are no accidents or mishaps during the curing process.


Additional information
Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 28 × 30 × 50 cm

220V 50Hz, 110V 60Hz

dental laboratory pressure pot
Air Pressure Curing Unit
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