All-In-One Vacuum Dental Furnace For Press Ingot And Porcelain Metal-fused

Experience the ultimate convenience and efficiency in your dental laboratory with our All-in-One vacuum dental furnace. Seamlessly switch between lithium disilicate press ingots and metal-fused porcelain, saving space, time, and resources while achieving superior aesthetics and precise fit

Take your dental laboratory to new heights with our All-in-One vacuum furnace. With its dual functionality and advanced features, it’s the perfect solution to optimize workflow, enhance efficiency, and deliver outstanding restorations that exceed patient expectations.

Shipping details:

  • Packing size:50*43*68 cm( furnace),41*29*32 cm(Pump)
  • Packing Weight:29 Kg( furnace),10 Kg(Pump)

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Maximize productivity and elevate the quality of your dental laboratory with our All-in-One Vacuum Dental Furnace

Our All-in-One vacuum dental furnace is the ultimate solution for dental laboratories seeking unparalleled versatility and efficiency. This state-of-the-art furnace is designed to handle both lithium disilicate press ingots and metal-fused porcelain, providing a comprehensive solution for a wide range of dental restoration needs. With its advanced features and exceptional benefits, this furnace is a game-changer for dental laboratories.


  • Voltage:110V/220C,50/60Hz
  • Power: Max.1.5KW
  • Electric current:14.5ampere@110V,7.0ampere@220V
  • Max. Temperature:1200℃
  • Working Temperature:≤1150℃
  • Max. heating rate: 200c/min
  • Maximum temperature holding time: Max. 2 hours and 46 minutes
  • Thermocouple: K type
  • Heating element: Fe-Cr-Al-Mo wire
  • Vacuum degree: -98Kpa

Packing size:50*43*68cm( furnace),41*29*32cm(Pump)

Packing Weight:29kg( furnace),10kg(Pump)

Benefits in Dental Laboratory

Versatility and Efficiency: By combining press ingot and metal-fused porcelain capabilities in a single furnace, our product saves valuable space and eliminates the need for multiple pieces of equipment. This improves efficiency and allows dental laboratories to handle a wide range of restoration types, enhancing productivity and versatility.

Superior Aesthetics and Fit: The vacuum technology utilized in our furnace ensures exceptional aesthetics and a precise fit for both press ingots and metal-fused porcelain restorations. The removal of air bubbles and defects results in restorations with natural-looking beauty, excellent color matching, and optimal functional performance.

Consistent and Reliable Results: The precise temperature control and advanced features of our furnace deliver consistent and reliable results with every use. Dental laboratories can achieve predictable outcomes, minimizing rework and ensuring patient satisfaction. The high-quality restorations produced by our furnace enhance the laboratory’s reputation and build trust with clients.

Streamlined Workflow and Cost Savings: The All-in-One design of our furnace simplifies the workflow in the dental laboratory, saving time and reducing the need for additional equipment. This streamlined workflow translates into cost savings, increased productivity, and improved profitability.


accessories of vacuum furnace

  • Vacuum furnace:1 piece
  • firing pan:1 piece
  • connection cable for the mains power supply:1 piece
  • furnace tweezers:1 piece
  • Tongs:1 piece
  • Press rod:2 pieces
  • Embedding ring:1 piece

Restoration case:

Additional information
Weight43 kg
Dimensions55 × 50 × 70 cm
porcelain metal-fused and press ingot furnace all in one
All-In-One Vacuum Dental Furnace For Press Ingot And Porcelain Metal-fused