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How Does Wax Knife Heater benefit the dental laboratory?

dental lab wax knife heater equipment

A wax knife heater is an essential tool in dental laboratories that helps in manipulating wax to create dental models, dentures, and other dental appliances. The tool is designed to heat and melt the wax for easy shaping and modeling. Here are some of the benefits of using a wax knife heater in a dental […]

CAD CAM Block Benefits In The Dentistry Field

Dental Laboratorio dental cad cam blocks

The advancement in the technology and manufacturing process in the dental industry has undergone a dramatic shift. In the dental field, there is a widespread computer-aided design or computer manufacturing (CAD/CAM) used for the fabrication of indirect dental restorations. The use of cad cam in prosthodontics has become the more common technology which is mostly […]

What is a dental facebow used for in dentistry?

dental facebow records in dentistry

The perfect harmony between the denture and the jaw is necessary for a dental prosthesis. The complete denture includes maxillary and mandibular teeth that should be perfectly oriented. Various dental lab equipment is used for the construction of dentures. Experienced dental technicians and efficient instrumentation are necessary for dental construction. A dental facebow is a similar […]

What is a fully adjustable articulator?

dental lab technician using quality of dental lab material

The dental lab is responsible for the laboratory fabrication steps of all dental appliances and restorations. Various instruments(fully adjustable articulator, Dental dial caliper, dental mandrel, etc) are used by dental technicians for meticulous construction in the dental lab. The perfection and longevity of dental products are critical in dentistry. A perfect dental treatment is not […]

What Is Lithium Disilicate Veneer?


LITHIUM DISILICATE VENEER In the dentist industry, the filling or crown or whatever dental practices you choose, the dentist will refer to only a few materials such as metal or gold materials. But now the technology has developed so much, as the dentist practices different types of materials to make several dental products. Among all […]