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Reason why choose the right dental lab equipment mater Dental Supplies and equipment are key for Dental Technicians, they need the right tools, materials, and equipment to conduct their job professionally, efficiently, and effectively. They however come at a very high budget and may cause the technicians to purchase them at a low price, which […]

What To Look For In A Dental Lab Technician

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Dental technology primarily involves the art, technology, and science of crafting and manufacturing dental devices and the proper replacement of faulty natural teeth. The dental lab technician works in collaboration with the dentist to fabricate various dental prostheses for patients. Typically, the dental lab technician will assist the dentist in selecting the proper case design […]

Are Zirconia Crowns Good for Front Teeth?


Introduction to Zirconia Teeth Zirconia crowns are very special unique crowns. They contain zirconium dioxide a durable and sustainable metal that is under the family of titanium. The zirconium dioxide contributes to the strong and hard nature of the crowns. The main goal of zirconia crowns is to prevent further decay of teeth and improve […]

Things to consider when purchasing equipment for a dental lab

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Laboratory owener or technician should be purchasing equipment for a dental lab in good maner.A dental laboratory plays a crucial role in restorative dentistry. The laboratory works by copying all aesthetics and functional parameters defined by a dentist. There are several bespoke appliances constructed by a dental laboratory. This is usually dependent on the prescription […]

4 Different Types Of Crowns Made In Dental Laboratory

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Dental crowns are used to hide any kind of irregularities on the teeth surface. These are permanently stuck to original teeth or an implant. Cementing process is used for permanent settling of the crown on to the base. It can be used to fill up gaps in between teeth like a bridge. Dental crowns have […]