What is Dental Laboratory Technology?

Definition Of Dental Laboratory Technology

When Dental Technology is mentioned, three things should come to mind. One is the Dental Technician, two is the Device, and lastly is the dental lab equipment. You need these three things to conduct a successful restoration. However, dental technology does not only involve those three, but it is also mainly referred to as an Art or Science, and this is because,

An art – Each patient is different, because of this it offers unique restorations to each patient. The goal of the procedure is to create a match or similar teeth of the patient. It is one of the biggest challenges that the dental technician face as their artistic capabilities is tested at that moment and they have to ensure they make the patient have a great smile.

A science – Dental technicians have to have knowledge and understanding of the tooth anatomy, masticatory functions, and materials and processes used in the creation of a device. Having a background of this information guides the technician

Dental Technology is an advanced technology that dental technicians use to provide professional service to their patients. Every patient’s need is different, however dental technology allows for each need to be fulfilled. Dental Technician work hand in hand with the licensed dentist by following certain work instructions and using impressions of the patient’s teeth to create;

The Procedure of using the Dental Technology

  1. The Dentist makes a dental impression of your mouth and sends it off to the lab to create prostheses that will improve the quality and help in restoring your natural smile.
  2. The dental technician and certified dentist will then work together to ensure that they develop the right device for your oral health. They may decide to use CAD/CAM techniques.

The Dental Technology specialty includes;

  1. Complete Dentures – Dentures happen to all people, not just the elderly. It may occur due to tooth decay, or a severe injury. To restore this, it requires dental technicians to have skill and knowledge in fabricating not just one or three teeth, but all the teeth in maxillary (upper) or mandibular (lower) arches
  2. Partial Dentures – Unlike complete dentures, partial dentures only focus on replacing a few teeth’s, therefore it requires dental techs to be skilled in fabricating few teeth not all.
  3. Crown and Bridge – Crown and Bridge technology is quite common to technicians, every technician is well familiar and skilled with this. Crowns are highly beneficial to address severe cavities, binding around the tooth to prevent further decay. These are the procedure that anyone would need at a certain point, making it to be a high demand.
  4. Ceramics – Ceramics is a special material and is advocated by the National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology. It is best for its look-alike, strength, and aesthetic feature.
  5. Orthodontics – Its focus is not to create or develop teeth, rather it’s to ensure that they are well-fitted in the mouth. They create braces that help in aligning the teeth.
  6. Implants – From its name implants, fabrications are inserted surgically with an implant anchor. This is done to replace missing or damaged teeth.
There are four major disciplines within dental technology:
  • Fixed prosthesis including crowns, bridges, and implants;
  • A removable prosthesis, including dentures and removable partial dentures;
  • Orthodontics, including orthodontic appliances and mouth guards;
  • Maxillofacial prosthesis, including ocular prosthesis and craniofacial prosthesis (generally carried out in the Hospital provision)
Benefits of a career in Dental Laboratory Technology

When looking for a career or course, you might want to take a look or consider the Dental Technology Word, as it comes with a lot of benefits and potential to grow.

  1. Guaranteed of a high-income power – As you are all aware of dental health is very expensive, because of the machines and types of equipment invested in it. Henceforth, a career choice in it will increase your earnings and income.
  2. Potential to own and manage your own business – Most people who perform the dental procedures and restorations own their practice and sometimes outsource their services to other dental clinics and care.
  3. Enjoy helping people – The primary goal of this practice is to make people smile more and have confidence. This is a purpose-driven job and allows you to enjoy your work.
  4. Globally Recognized – It is not only a flexible job but allows you to explore different areas of the world by just performing the practice.
  5. Explores your artistic abilities – Dental care is an art and science. You can build your art and perfect it by performing the procedures and restoration.

Skills to have to use the Dental Laboratory Technology

  1. Possess eye-hand coordination and attention to minute details
  2. Ability to recognize the differences in color and shape
  3. Manual dexterity and interest in material sciences and emerging technologies
  4. Dental technicians should take courses in computer skills and programming, this will act as an added advantage in their career

What affects modern dental laboratory technology?

  1. Technology advancement keeps on changing therefore affecting the material sciences and the manufacturing systems used.
  2. Upcoming New legislation and regulations on dental technology
  3. Health care and education
  4. The global economies and market adjustments
  5. Growing aging population and increase in the number of patients.
  6. Change of the practice models and emerging care systems.

The future of dental technology is growing and benefiting several people. Dental laboratory technology offers tooth services and solves dental care problems that tend to occur.  For example teeth replacement, fixing, developing the perfect aesthetic feature for your tooth.  For a successful procedure, it’s essential to get a dental technician who is licensed to perform the exercise.

By practicing good oral hygiene, you can avoid the need for most of a dental technologist’s creations. Still, if you do end up needing them for one reason or another – it’s good to know they come from well-trained, certified professionals who work closely with your dentist to fulfill your individual needs. And whatever it is that a dental technologist makes for your mouth’s look, function, and health, we hope it makes you smile.

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