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Who should have access to the dental lab?

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The dental lab has an essential role in clinical dentistry. The high efficiency of access to the dental lab, better communication and exchange of information between the dental lab and dental clinic can only produce the best outcome. The dentists deal with the patients, but the other whole process of fabrication is under the supervision […]

Tips for Picking a Good Dental Lab Supplier

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Choose a good dental lab supplier is critical The importance of dental lab in dental practice is a well-established fact that we can’t deny. Likewise, a dental lab can’t play its active role until it has a smooth supply of dental lab equipment. The dental lab suppliers are responsible for the flawless delivery of equipment. […]

Outsourcing Your Dental Lab Services

Outsourcing Your Dental Lab Services

DENTAL LABORATORY Part of the success of the development of a dental prosthesis is given by various factors in which the materials used in the dental clinic, the technique used, and last but not least, the Outsourcing Your Dental Lab Services of prosthesis stands out. This uses high-quality dental lab materials and dental lab equipment, […]

Common Materials Instrument And Dental Lab Equipment Used In A Laboratory

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INSTRUMENTS, MATERIALS, AND MACHINERY IN THE DENTAL LABORATORY The dental technician uses a wide variety of materials instrument and dental lab equipment Used In A Laboratory within his broad field of work. Some companies distribute dental products for dental clinics and dental prosthesis laboratories; these companies are called dental warehouses. The subject of essential instruments […]

What is Dental Laboratory Technology?

Definition Of Dental Laboratory Technology When Dental Technology is mentioned, three things should come to mind. One is the Dental Technician, two is the Device, and lastly is the dental lab equipment. You need these three things to conduct a successful restoration. However, dental technology does not only involve those three, but it is also […]