Air Driven Handpiece

Air Driven Handpiece of high-speed series.

Standard head, single water spray.

and 45° angled head, single hole water spray + 3 holes atomisation

Push button burs replacement design, 2 and 4 holes options.

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High-speed Air Driven Handpiece for Dental Practice

Air-driven handpieces are powered by a variety of alternatives for low-speed and high-speed to achieve the most effective clinical results for practically every procedure. The turbines at Genuine Dental Laboratorio are individually balanced and are electronically checked to ensure they meet the highest standards of concentricity. A properly balanced turbine will result in lower levels of noise in use. Explore our range of Master, Expert, and Smart series handpieces that are air-driven.

Handpieces are driven by air compressor equipment in the dental office, which spins the handpiece impeller at around 380,000-420,000 RPMs. Professionals hold the handpiece, producing enough torque to cut, drill, and polish the dentistry-hard restoration objects.


  • High-Speed Handpieces products series come in 2 and 4 holes options. They are made of medical standard anti-scratches stainless, and they are autoclavable.
  • The air-driven handpiece series are integrated into the push-button bur locking system and installed with ceramic bearings to achieve a proper balance, making low noise during treatment work.
  • The highlight feature design of the handpiece is a sterilizable anti-retraction valve. It has dramatically reduced the risk of cross-contamination. It vents out air from the back-end pilot holes to avoid blowing on your patient enamel, avoiding air sensitivity to minimize discomfort.


 Water spray Single hole
 Noise <70dB
 Speed 380,000-420,000rpm
 Burs locking Push-button
 Ball bearingCeramic, NSK compatibility
 MaterialHandpiece Made of Stainless steel

FAQ's of Air-driven handpieces

Why Air-driven handpieces are important?

Air-driven handpieces are the most important and regularly used dental equipment for various procedures. The vast array of uses in general dentistry, endodontics, and implantology necessitates a versatile handpiece. A fantastic dental handpiece is vital in supporting dentists for various clinical applications.

Because dentists must choose the correct dental handpieces for a relentless dental practice, they must understand the intricacies of both handpieces. Either air or electricity powers the handpiece’s bur. Electric and air-driven handpieces each have their own set of benefits.

Nowadays, The increased demand for aesthetic resin restorations has provided dentists with a profitable practice and allowed them to fit into patients’ hectic schedules. In recent years many technical advancements have allowed dentists to place bonded restorations quickly and efficiently while producing long-lasting results.

Can we get delivery in any country?

Yes, You can place the order and check the shipping cost

Is free shipping available for this product?

Yes, it is cost-free shipping to any country.

What are the Advantages Of Electrical Handpieces?

Electric motors create the cutting and spinning motion of the burs within electronic handpieces. There are many advantages to electrically-driven handpieces over air-driven handpieces.

Constant speed and torque: Electric Handpieces have a constant rate of speed and torque, which do not change when the load grows. This constant speed also results in a more smooth and precise cut, giving you more flexibility in the preparation.

Making cuts through dental crowns while using the instrument to cut through dense materials will help reduce delays and variations in speed. It is unclear if the load influences the speed and the torque of dental handpieces powered by electricity; however, it can influence the speed and the torque of air-driven handpieces.

Improve Patient Comfort: Patients appreciate increased comfort for patients. Electronic handpieces as they are quieter and don’t provide the same sensation of vibrating. It is significant for those suffering from dental anxiety.

It could help patients stick to their treatment program. Additionally, patients’ happiness leads to better online reviews and higher retention of patients.

Lower risk of formation of aerosols: Following dental treatments, an airborne of particles and water is often visible when using an air-driven instrument to prepare teeth. The primary benefit of using electronic handpieces is that they create less aerosol.

Why you choose Electrical handpieces?

The electric handpiece allows for quicker cutting and the most extended durability of your handpiece by offering an unstoppable speed and torque but with low sound. It is why electronic handpieces have been increasing in popularity in recent times.

Utilizing the latest and most modern electronic handpieces will allow you to improve your practice accuracy, which will benefit your patients and you. There will also be an impressive reduction in the possibility of contamination, resulting in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that your patients will enjoy.

Is it useful for oral surgery?

Oral surgeries require various safety measures to ensure the patient’s safety. An air-driven handpiece for surgery could be integral to creating an adequate safety net that your patients can rely on.

The handpieces that use air turbines are specifically designed to stop air from entering the surgical area, which can create problems.

In contrast, most surgical, dental handpieces release air back into an area within the tooth, keeping the surgical site safe. Like all dental instruments, it is essential to maintain it correctly with surgical handpieces.

Best Qualities of Air Driven Handpiece

The air handpieces use the energy of the air to create rotary movement. This technology has been used for years as it is straightforward to use. As a result, many manufacturers have increased the quality of their products and reduced their prices.

  • The hand pieces of air, every day, are smaller.
  • They are lighter.
  • They are more manageable than electric ones.
  • They have greater accessibility.
  • Reduces fatigue, so it provides a better user experience.
  • They have a much more sensitive work process since you can “hear” the contact of the strawberry with the tooth.
  • They have a higher speed but a lower touch compared to electric handpieces.
  • When the piece comes into contact with the tooth, the resistance raises and lowers the speed to 300,000 – 420,000 rpm.
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Standard head, 45° angled head


M4 4 holes, B2 2 holes