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What is a dental handpiece bearing?

The dental handpiece bearing is the small round device used in the head of the dental handpiece. They are responsible for the efficient working of the handpiece. Over time, dental handpiece bearing can lose or reduce its efficacy.


Why dental handpiece bearing?

Cavity preparation in the restorative e procedure required a high-speed dental handpiece. The dental handpiece engages the dental burs to remove defective parts of the tooth and dental filling. The dental supplies provide high-quality, excellent working dental handpiece bearing for the replacement. In addition, they are stainless steel that is fracture resistant and can be used for a long time without any defect. Dental Laboratorio has a large variety of dental handpiece bearings available.

The size and shape variation is due to different types of dental handpieces. In addition, dental handpiece bearing rotates well without the production of any excessive heat.

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