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Carbide burs dental

Tungsten carbide burs are metal instruments used in dentistry to cut, polish, and grind tooth surfaces or remove cavities. They are made from tungsten carbide, which is extremely hard and works at high speed to obtain precise cutting edges.

Manufactured to meet your particular material removal demands with excellent performance and tested for optimal safety and efficiency results

Applications: cavity preparation, caries removal, amalgam removal, surface smoothing, chamfering, and removal of inlays and crowns.

We offer a wide variety of high-quality carbide burs. With our precise production procedure control, we can supply you with high-quality products at an excellent price.

Types of Carbide Cutters:

    • Inverted Cone Carbide Burs Dental: used in the dental clinic to smooth and flatten the restoration floor before filling with resin or amalgam.
    • FG Straight Fissure Burs Carbide Dental: used in the dental clinic to make cross cuts.
    • FG Taper Fissure Burs Carbide Dental: used in the dental clinic to make transverse cuts.
    • FG Round Carbide burs: used in the clinical of excavation of caries during the root canal procedure.
    • FG Finishing and Polishing Burs series, FG Surgical Carbide Burs series.