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Mouth guard

The Mouth guard protects your teeth from any external injury and reduces teeth wear-off effects during parafunctional habits. The mouth guard is a specially designed device fabricated by flexible plastic that covers your teeth. It's equally suitable for children and adults. Mainly Mouth guard protects your upper teeth, but you can also use it for Lower arches. You can select a proper mouth guard according to your needs.

Types of mouth guard:

There are two basic types of Mouth guards according to their use;

Sports guard:

Sports guards are suitable for children or adults who play outdoor sports like boxing, cricket, football. Hockey etc., for their dental protection. The Mouth guard reduces the overall risk of dental injuries in sports.

Night guard:

Nightguards are a particular type of Mouth guard that is for preventing the night grinding impact. The people who have the habit of teeth grinding at night and teeth grinding at day. The night grinding wears off the dental enamel and increases the chances of dental sensitivity and jaw pain

The ideal feature of a mouth guard:

  1. For the selection of the best Mouth guard, keep certain quality in mind;
  2. Take the adequately fitted mouth guards that can quickly adapt the oral tissues.
  3. It should be comfortable to wear and don't cause any hindrance in speech and sports activities.
  4. Select the durable and tear-resistant Mouth guard that dissipates the impact effectively.
  5. Take bright-colored mouth guards that easy to retrieve.
  6. Our Double color sports guard, Double-layer sports mouth guard with box and Child mouth guard, single layer with box has all qualities of an idea mouth guard.