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Most Continent Dental Chair

  • The dental chair is the most significant piece of dental equipment that is essential for all dental procedures.
  • It provides the head support and environment with an accurate setting position for the patient.
  • The back support of the dental chair provides a comfortable setting, and the operator can efficiently perform all dental procedures.
  • The dental chair has a foot and hand operating system that can change without touching the chair, preventing cross-contamination.
  • The dental chair is available in a standard size that can be suitable for all patients.
  • The patient support can help the operator as well as the patient and offer a comfortable environment.
  • The dental chair's back is movable and can be easily placed in an upright or supine position.
  • The dental chair is connected to the water supply as well as the ultrasonic electric scalers and handpieces.
  • The movable light provides a clean diagnostic environment for ruling out dental disease and assisting with diagnosis.

Component of a dental chair

  • The dental chair has a back, headrest, arm, light, water supply, x-ray illuminator, and control panel.
  • Additionally, The control panel and foot panel help change the dental chair position according to various dental procedures.