Dental Hygienist Chair

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  • Multi-functional, Control Panel, Easy to operate in the clinic;
  • FOB Price: 2300USD/SET, Contact sales to check to vessel(sea shipment) shipping cost.

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dental hygienist chair

affordable prices of dental hygienist chair

This dental hygienist chair is a convenient and simple operation with a control Panel. It features a simple touch key setting for easy dentistry treatment access.

It is a great multi-function linkage setting, improving the dentist’s work efficiency:

  • Water Storage Bottle
  • With an independent water bottle, the assistant will watch the water level
  • Distilled water switch available for easy access to auxiliary water source change.
  • Rotating Ceramic Spittoon
  • The dental hygienist chair enables to adjustment of the 90°angle according to the needs of users.

dental hygienist chair standard configuration


  • Led sensor lamp 
Luxurious induction band manual switch LED cold light lamp: an induction belt switch, And has the choice of white and yellow light source, 6 light intensity adjustment.
dental hygienist chair lamp
  • Adjustable device tray
1. Under hanging instrument tray
2. Multifunctional doctor operation panel
3.135-degree rotatable tilted large hanging frame
4.3pcs 4 holes handpiece tubes
5. gas-pressure meter
6. three ways syringe
7. Built-in DC 24V viewing lamp
8. Balance arm with air brake device
dental hygienist chair tray
  • Dental hygienist chair accessories
1. Water purification bottle water supply system
dental chair bottle water supply system
2. Rotatable ceramic spittoon
Rotatable ceramic spittoon
3. Quantitative mouthwash and flushing water can be set up
4. automatic control system
5. Large capacity automatic constant temperature heating system
6. Strong suction negative pressure system
7. Strong suction and noise reduction device
8. Weak suction negative pressure system
9. Sucking and filtering devic

Optional accessories

  1. Dental oil-free compressor
  2. Up mounted instrument tray
  3. Dental high-speed handpiece
  4. Shadowless led lamp
  5. Dentist chair
  6. Dental low-speed handpiece
  7. Intraoral camera
  8. Dental ultrasonic scaler
  9. Electrocardiogram monitor
  • Air pressure:0.55MPa~0.8MPa
  • Adjustable Tray Board: Touch control button
  • Cushion: color: different color to choose
  • Handpiece tube:4 holes or 2 holes
  • Voltage:220v/110V 50HZ/60HZ
  • Water pressure:0.2MPa~0.4MPa
  • Illumination of oral light:8000LX-20000LX
  • Net weight:200kg
  • Assemble square 6sqm(2X3m)
  • Chair loading ability:180kg
  • Chair height adjustment range:380-800mm
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