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Disposable dental supplies

Using disposable dental supplies products is very common in dentistry — the expert can only use the disposable products for a single time or only one patient, and after use, they are discarded. The disposable dental products are mainly fabricated by plastic material that cannot tolerate high temperatures. Therefore, the most common means of sterilization the dental products is autoclave or dry heat sterilization. The temperature range for sterilization is 121–134 degrees. 

The technicians can’t sterilize disposable dental products, so they don’t use them on other patients. Dental procedures required a clean operating environment to enhance visibility and perfection. Using disposable dental suction products makes it easy. They don’t cause trauma and injury to the oral mucosa and have easy handling. However, the non-disposable products get corrupted with time and reduce the efficacy of work. There are also chances of malpractice by rusted and old instruments.

Advantages to using disposable dental products:

  1. The use of disposable products in dentistry prevents cross-infection. It’s the transfer of disease-causing bacteria from one patient to another. The disposable dental products are for single-use, so there are no chances of cross-contamination.
  2. Dental disposable products are economical and straightforward to use. They don’t need any repair and maintenance, as the other dental products need with time.
  3. There is no need for sterilization for these products that also reduce the human labor and additional cost.
  4. They are easy to throw away after single use that reduces the chances of instrument breakage and litigation.