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FG dental diamond burs feature high quality diamond grit for effective cutting, grinding, and precision.

Various head designs serve specific functions – tapered fissure burs for restoration, straight burs for axial wall prep, coarse burs for crowns and veneers.

Durable and corrosion resistant, 200Pc minimum to choose.

FG dental diamond burs are available in a variety of sizes, with each size coming in a box of 10 pieces. Clients have two options to place an order:

  1. Complete the order online, leaving notes on the size and quantity needed. Add each required size to the order notes with desired quantity.
  2. Send an email or WhatsApp message indicating the specific sizes and quantities needed. This allows for confirmation before the order is placed.

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Dental FG Diamond Burs Product Description

The diamond bur has effective abrasive properties due to its high-quality diamond grits, which are bounded by the matrix on the bur’s head. Burs can move in both parallel and perpendicular dimensions.

The finesse and grit size enables excellent cutting and grinding with a fast rotation pace. The dental diamond burs provide smooth cutting with precision.

Heat production and vibration are minimum with diamond burs that prevent unwanted tooth damage during restoration.

The friction Grip shank design is compatible with the high-speed handpiece and the material used is corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The burs can be reused by sterilization in an autoclave without compromising burs’ efficiency.

The coarseness and toughness of dental diamond burs make them ideal for long-term use without affecting the burs’ speed and strength.

Various Head Designs Function of Diamond Burs in Dentistry

The different head designs of diamond burs are used for respective procedures. The tapered fissure burs are mostly used in the design and are available in Taper Flat End, round and conical shapes. These burs are used for restoration, interdental clearance, and tooth preparation prior to veneering.

The Straight diamond burs are used for axial wall preparation and are available in both flat and ogival ends. The straight head with an FG shaft can be used with a high-speed rotary handpiece.

The crown-cutting diamond burs are selective in their pattern and grits. The wheel round-ended burs provide the occlusal clearance during the crown preparation.

The coarse diamond burs are selective for the veneers, supragingival clearance, and zirconium crown cutting due to their strength and hardness. The size of diamond particles of coarse burs ranges from 80-150um.

Single inverted Cone burs are used in the resistive form of restoration cavities for the undercut’s preparation. It also removes the excessive restorative material from the interdental spaces.

Ball collar diamond burs coated with fine diamond grits for caries removal and initial tooth entry and enamel cutting. The compatible shaft configuration is a fraction grip with the rotary handpiece.

Dental diamond bur chart

FG dental diamond burs chart

Dental diamond burs FG series package


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How to order the diamond burs online
  • Add products into the shopping cart;
  • Select the quantity you need(Minimum 200pcs at 20box for saving shipping cost);
  • Fill in the FG Diamond burs order model with quantity( Such as TF-11,19 box, BC-11,20 box) on the order notes (optional)

Conclusion: Each model of dental diamond burs is 10pc per box, please list the model and fill in the type in the order notes(optional) when you check out payment, or WhatsApp chat live online, leave the order size you need.

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