Screw Type Handpieces

Choose from Mini, Standard, Big head, and 45° angled heads screw type handpieces, allowing you to select the perfect head size and angle for optimal access and visibility in various treatment scenarios.

They feature a secure bur locking mechanism, NSK system compatibility, versatile head options, and temperature sterilization resistance. Unlock the potential for superior outcomes and a seamless workflow.

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Wrench Screw Handpieces High-Speed Air Turbine

Our screw-type handpiece is a revolutionary tool that provides enhanced precision, improved efficiency, versatility, and durability in dentistry. It features a secure bur locking mechanism and NSK system compatibility for seamless integration with existing accessories. Our range of head options ensures optimal access and visibility in all treatment scenarios, while its temperature sterilization resistance ensures durability and hygiene.

screw types handpieces specification


  • Bur locking system: Screw mechanism
  • Head options: mini, standard, big, and 45° angled
  • Speed:320,000-450,000rpm
  • Material made: Stainless steel

Product Features:

  1. Secure Screw Wrench Bur Locking: Our handpiece utilizes a screw-type mechanism to secure burs firmly, providing a stable hold and precise control during procedures.
  2. NSK System Compatibility: Compatible with the NSK system, our handpiece seamlessly integrates with NSK accessories such as cartridges and bearings, facilitating easy replacement and reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  3. Versatile Head Options: Choose from various head options, including Mini, Standard, Big head, and 45° angled heads, to accommodate different dental procedures. Select the perfect head size and angle for improved access and visibility.
  4. High-Temperature Sterilization Resistance: Designed to withstand sterilization temperatures of up to 135°C, our handpiece maintains its durability and hygiene. This feature ensures a safe and contamination-free clinical environment.

Upgrade your dental tools with our revolutionary high speed air driven screw-type handpiece, designed to enhance performance, versatility, and hygiene standards in every procedure.

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Head Model

Mini, Standard, Big, 45° Angled


M4 4 Holes, B2 2 Holes

screw-bur locking handpieces
Screw Type Handpieces
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