General idear of dental braces types and cost

For the cosmetic orthodontics,there is an investigation about the orthodontic cosmetic treatment,it shows that it is more than 80% of people do not satisfied with their teeth.

investigation of teeth beatuy on orthodontic

Among them,”expensive” accounts for the largest proportion. After all,the cost of orthodontics starts at 1,000 dollors.It is normal that most people can’t accept it. However,why you are not willing to do orthodontics with a LV bag(Louis Vuitton)of more than 2,500 dollars?

orthodontic treatment consideration factor

Let’s start with the classification of various orthodontic dental braces.This is the most basic choice,and it is also the beauty and comfort issue that everyone cares about most!

What are the orthodontic brackets?

This is what you call the “steel teeth”,the advantage is that the price is close to the people, economical and practical.But the metal color is really bad for beauty.If you have a toothy smile, you may only see a mouthful of shiny steel teeth.

metal dental braces on teeth

Although the product is not beautiful,but the price is cheap.

Made of sturdy and transparent bioceramic materials,it is milky white translucent or completely transparent,consistent with the tooth color.Wearing on the teeth only has a wire from a distance,so it is not easy to be found.Moreover,the edge of the ceramic bracket is smoother,which reduces the irritation of the oral mucosa.

ceramic dental brace on teeth

Self-locking dental brackets are more advantageous.It is a new technology that has emerged in recent decades.It can shorten the treatment time by one-third compared with traditional orthodontic methods.The follow-up time for visiting dentist is delayed from the traditional four weeks to eight weeks.

Self ligating dental brackets are also classified into metal and sapphire ceramic dental brace.Many people who do orthodontics treatment will choose this kind of self ligating dental brace.

self ligating dental braces on teeth

Two simple conclusions: fast time and long intervals between visits

  • Invisible lingual orthodontic
invisable orthodontics devices on teeth

This kind of appliance places high technical requirements on orthodontists.It is to install all appliances on the side of the tongue,and no orthodontic treatment device can be seen in appearance.

But the cost is expensive,and the comfort is slightly worse when you first put it on,the clinical practice offer the result that it was very uncomfortable at the beginning,but people didn’t feel anything after wearing it for a few months!

It is good technology,but it is expensive.

  • Invisible orthodontic without brace

There are many advantages of invisible orthodontic treatment,comfortable,hygienic,removable,transparent and beautiful,accurate and efficient.The advantage is that there is a 3D correction program,and the simulation results can be seen before starting orthodontics!

Invisible orthodontic without brace on teeth

The first choice for those who pursue beauty.Although it is more expensive than traditional orthodontic,it is still more cost-effective than lingual orthodontic!The key is that others don’t know that i am having a tooth orthodontic! So,the beauty transformation is completed without knowing it.

You can take off the braces when you eat,but the disadvantage is that they can’t take too long.

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