Ligature Dispenser Gun

Orthodontic Ligature Dispenser Gun: Effortless & precise application of ligature ties with ergonomic design, an easy cleaning process, hypoallergenic material, non-slip grip, and easy cleaning/disinfection.

Simplify your procedures, enhance patient satisfaction, and achieve outstanding results.

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Orthodontic ligature gun

It is the ultimate tool for the effortless and precise application of ligature ties. With just a squeeze of the trigger, you can securely fasten orthodontic ligation strips, making them an essential device for orthodontic professionals and dental practitioners.

The ligature tie gun can be easily cleaned and disinfected using cold sterilization methods and soaking. This straightforward cleaning process ensures the maintenance of a hygienic environment, promoting optimal patient safety and preventing cross-contamination.

orthodontic ligature gun

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Orthodontic ligature gun o'ring dispenser
Ligature Dispenser Gun
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