Orthodontic Arch Wire

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Orthodontic Arch Wire

The high-quality arch is bendable and helps in atraumatic tooth movement, it is Ovoid and rectangular form available.

The arch wire is flexible and easily adaptable to the tooth arch or contoured.

The wire passes through the orthodontic brackets and applies the balanced force on the tooth.

The NI-Ti wire is fatigue resistant and has a long shelf life.


The Orthodontic Arch wire is made of excellent quality corrosion resist Nickle titanium.


Orthodontic Arch wire applies the measured amount of force and helps in orthodontic tooth movement.

Arch wire help in tooth alignment and straightening of the tooth.

Memory type thermally activated orthodontic arch wire size:

Round Memory Type Thermally Activated Orthodontic Wire

Ovoid type: 0.012 upper; 0.012 lower,0.014 upper; 0.014 lower,0.016 upper; 0.016 lower,0.018 upper; 0.018 lower

Rectangle Thermal Activated Niti orthodontic wires

Rectangular Wire:16×22 (Upper/Lower);17×25 (Upper/Lower);

18×25 (Upper/Lower);19×25(Upper/Lower);21×25(Upper/Lower)

Additional information
Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 5 cm
Size Model

Ovoid 0.012 upper, Ovoid 0.012 lower, Ovoid 0.014 upper, Ovoid 0.014 lower, Ovoid 0.016 upper, Ovoid 0.016 lower, Ovoid 0.018 upper, Ovoid 0.018 lower, Rectangular 16×22 upper, Rectangular 16×22 lower, Rectangular 17×25 upper, Rectangular 17×25 lower, Rectangular 18×25 upper, Rectangular 18×25 lower, Rectangular 19×25 upper, Rectangular 19×25 lower, Rectangular 21×25 upper, Rectangular 19×25 lower

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5 reviews for Orthodontic Arch Wire

  1. Ruth Gonzalez (verified owner)

    best product n worth for money

  2. Martin Royer (verified owner)

    I love that it is a high-quality product and that Is it is made in America?

  3. Edward (verified owner)

    I got very good deal on wholesale quality.😉

  4. স্বাধীন নাজমুল (verified owner)

    It’s good platform for dental products with Comparatively good and effective lower rate than others. Products are also good. Dispatched and delivered within time limits.

  5. Alexander Girard (verified owner)

    One of the best dental product company… Provide so many offer….i really like it..

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Orthodontic Arch Wire
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