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crimpable hooks

They are an accessory to be able to take the force more towards the center of resistance of the tooth and avoid unwanted movements or loss of anchorage, mainly in this example, which is for the molars.

The orthodontic crimpable hooks come in short, medium, long,

Package: 10Pcs/bag.


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Short, Medium, Long

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5 reviews for Crimpable Hooks Orthodontic

  1. Ferit (verified owner)

    Everything is given as per chapter wise and subject wise… with well described explanations.

  2. Allison Cuellar (verified owner)

    I am satisfied with this purchase and will recommend to others.

  3. Olga Lepik (verified owner)

    Cuando vi el paquete y lo bien envuelto que estaba, supe que había elegido el mejor producto.

  4. Маргарита Островская (verified owner)

    Service is very fast and also the products are genuine

  5. Michael (verified owner)

    I have never had any complaints about the product and my patients are always happy with their experience.

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