Single Buccal Tube

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Single holes,1st, and 2nd molar, Roth and MBT system, 4pcs/set;

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Buccal tube

The one-hole tube has a single hole through which the wire is inserted, threading it. Molar tubes can be placed by cementing them directly onto the teeth or metal rings can be placed around each molar, the bands, to which the tube is welded. The tube itself can be single or single, double or triple (depending on how many holes it has). This design provides the precise control needed at all stages of treatment for a predictable finish.

The Master Buccal Tube’s large funnel-shaped entry, side gripping areas, and color-coding help simplify treatment by allowing for easier identification, placement, positioning, and insertion of wires. The ease of use associated with this product also reduces chair time, making the Master Buccal Tube an extremely cost-effective option for your practice.


  • 1st Molar Roth/MBT 0.022″
  • 2nd Molar Roth/MBT 0.022″

QUANTITY: 4pcs/kit (  UL*1pc,UR*1pc,LL*1pc,LR*1pc)


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1st Molar, 2nd Molar


Roth, MBT

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5 reviews for Single Buccal Tube

  1. Francisca Gonzalez (verified owner)

    Excellent products and services….must try.

  2. Esmee de Smet (verified owner)

    Genuine rate and good quality materials and equipments but slow dispatch…. overall a good experience…

  3. Luis Herrera (verified owner)

    I love that it is a high-quality product and that Is it is made in America?

  4. Duuk Scholten (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about how great the customer service was

  5. Valentino Franić (verified owner)

    Sehr schön 👍

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Single Buccal Tube
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