ceramic dental braces

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Roth and MBT system;

Ceramic dental braces;

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With high bonding strength and easy to debonding.Our highest grade ( 99.9% pure polycrystalline) ceramic dental braces make it to blend with the natural color of patient’s teeth. 


  • Grooved round base reduces the chance of breakage;


  • Excellent color stability without discoloration,ceramic Braces features of stain-free;


  • Contour design for easy bonding, and de-bonding;


  • High strength:ceramic dental braces are strong that it will not chip easily;


  • System of Roth and MBT ceramic dental orthodontic braces available.


  • Aesthetics.the ceramic braces match the original shade of tooth in color,due to tooth-coloured and semi-translucent is almost entirely invisible;


  • Ceramic Braces will work faster and more effective than invisalign;


  • Ceramic braces can come off easily when orthodontics treatment is completed.

Model available:

  • Roth,Mini,Slot 022 345 Hooks;
  • MBT,Mini,Slot 022 345 Hooks.

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