What is the process of dental lab cad cam for full ceramic

Dental CAD/CAM technology

It refers to computer-aided design and production technology, which is currently the mainstream processing method for all-ceramic restoration materials.

Dental lab CAD/CAM technology completes the complete restoration by the following process:

The typical representative is Cerec system (Sirona Dental System GmbH, Bensheim, Germany),which has now developed to three generations of products. The system includes scanner and CNC lathe.The production process includes clinical preparation of impressions and models, preparation of surface spray powder,optical scanner to collect digital impressions,use of software to build digital models on computers, and computer-aided design of restoration shapes.The CNC lathe cuts into the shape of the restoration, tries on the model, adjusts the shape, polishes, paints, and glazes to complete the final restoration. It can process glass ceramics to make inlays,veneers and full crown restorations

Preparing process

Prepare base crown shade guide

base crown shade guide

Dental laboratory CAD CAM working office

dental lab cad cam working office

Dental lab CAD design

dental laboratory cad design

Sirona Dental Laboratory CAM Machine

sirona dental cad cam machine

Lithium dislicate dental material sintering machine

cad cam dental sintering machine for lithium dislicate

CAD CAM Dental Zirconia Sintering Machine

cad cam dental zirconia sintering machine

Dental diamond polisher and grinder for zirconia and lithium dislicate

dental laboratory polisher

CAD CAM Dental lithium dislicate blocks

disilicate lithium sirona block

Some parts of the model reflect light, and you need to spray this powder to scan.


Glazing paste and glazing liquid

Glazing paste and glazing liquid

The following is the dental lab cad cam production process


cad cam dental scanning process

Design the edge

edge design by cam

dental cad cam restoration outlook design

dental cad cam restoration outlook design

Dental laboratory cad cam milling zirconia or lithium dislicate material

sirona dental cad cam milling production machine

Polishing and finishing the cad cam dental workpiece

polishing and finishing dental zirconia workpiece

Fixing the cad cam dental restoration on ceramic firing tray

fix cad cam dental restoration on firing tray

Sintering process

dental zirconia or lithium dislicate sintering

After sintering,the restoration becomes yellow-white color,then glazing paste

glazing paste on cad cam dental restoration after sintering

After glazing,sintering the cad cam dental restoration again

sintering after glazing on dental restoration

If the color shade on cad cam dental restoration is too much whiter,you can glaze the liquid and make the sintering process again.

glazing liquid on cad cam dental restoration
cad cam dental restoration sintering

The final perfect dental cad cam restoration workpiece.

final cad cam dental restoration
perfect dental lab cad cam restoration workpiece

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